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We Believe in Sustainability

Solar Capable Rooftops

We are dedicated to going green and building a sustainable future for our company through clean energy. We aim to manufacture every glass using solar power in the near future. Our solar capable rooftop is designed to generate up to 700 kVA of power and we intend to shoot that number up even further. The company plans to invest heavily in full-fledged renewable power by 2022.

Rain-water Harvesting

Water is a precious resource and we at YESHO TUFF aim to conserve water in every possible way. Every drop of rain that falls on our facility roof-top is directed to a rain-water harvesting pit through a perfectly engineered water channeling system, designed to catch and conserve the maximum amount of water. Our rainwater harvesting pit has the ability to save up to 1.6 million litres of water annually.

Water Re-Cycling

We have a 3-stage sedimentation system in place that is designed to collect all wastewater from our edge grinding machines and washing machines. This is where the silica deposit in water is filtered out and the clean water is transferred out to a recharged tank for reuse in the ground irrigation system and replenishing the water bed for bore well pumps.