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About Us

Our Glass - A Class Apart!

Our idea of producing quality glass comes from a much more holistic perspective, rather than just the purpose of adding elegance or décor… We want to bring a change in the existing paradigm of modern architecture by making glass a more important and critical part of it. We aim to do this by creating the best quality of glass and crafting the most innovative products for all kinds of manufacturing purpose. Our glass proves to be a class in itself and transforms buildings into architectural beauty.
YESHO TUFF - A Unit of Yesho Float Glass Pvt. Ltd.
With over four decades of direct glass experience, Yesho Tuff is the third generation in the architectural glass industry, with each generation leaving a more prominent mark. We started our journey in sales for one of the leading glass companies in India, then started our trading unit, and thereafter we expanded by setting up a processing plant. Across our board, we have experience in all aspects of a business.
Our parent company Yesho Float Glass Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent leader in distribution of various types of glass with an impressive stock of over 3000 tonnes at any given time.
In addition to domestically manufactured products, we also stock and supply products sourced from the Middle East and South-East Asia.
Yesho Float is India's top trading company dealing with all varieties of Annealed Glass and a comprehensive retail network of over 1000 stores across all of South India.
Yesho Tuff is the architectural glass processing division, and we take it one step further by offering Annealed, Tempered, Heat Strengthened, Heat Soaked, Double Glazed, Triple Glazed, Laminated, and Pattern Glass. With over a dozen projects under our belt, we are on track to become the preferred processor in India. We are already in multiple cities and are currently working on exporting as well.
Our strong foundation in the glass business paired with our unwavering ethics make us a suitable match for all types of customers. We work on building long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships instead of having relationships of the transactional nature. Our customers are all very close personal friends, we grow together – professionally and personally.
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Keeping Transparency At The Core

We understand the true intricacies of glass that lie behind its smooth, seamless and transparent surface. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we aim to bring superior technological advances in glass production and transform modern architecture for the greater good. Our clients hail from diverse backgrounds and we pride ourselves on being the pioneers in providing glass processing services for a versatile range of requirements.

Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal has over a decade of combined experience in Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Accounting. He completed his Master’s in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship from Manchester Business School in the United Kingdom.

Yash Agarwal

Yash Agarwal has over thirteen years of experience in Accounting, Operations, Engineering, Procurement, and HR. He completed his Graduate degree in Accounting along with a course in Family Business Development from IIM Trichy in India.

Laksh Agarwal

Laksh Agarwal has over six years of corporate sales and business development experience. He completed his Master of Science in Engineering Management degree from Johns Hopkins University in the USA with a technical concentration in Mechanical Engineering.

History & Evolution of Glass:

Glass is a fascinating material that has advanced tremendously over the course of history. Used in various completely unrelated industries, it predates processed iron. Glassmaking has been happening from over 6000 years now. The term glass developed in the late Roman Empire. It was in the Roman glassmaking centre at Trier (located in current-day Germany), that the late-Latin term glesum originated, probably from a Germanic word for a transparent, lustrous substance. We have put together a brief history for our customers to understand how their building façade or balcony railing came into existence.